You only get one set of adult teeth, so taking care of your permanent teeth is incredibly important. When trauma or decay occurs, saving your natural teeth is always our first priority but sometimes severe decay, disease or infection can make extraction the best solution. When this happens, there’s no need to stress. A treatment plan which includes a replacement tooth in the form of a crown, bridge or dental implant to keep your teeth and bite aligned is the key to a successful extraction and a healthy mouth for life.

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are a few reasons that a tooth extraction may become the best treatment plan. If you have an accident or injury that injures the tooth severely enough, an extraction may be the only way to repair your mouth. If infection or decay becomes so severe that the tooth is unsaveable, an extraction may become necessary in this scenario as well.

Are There Any Alternatives to a Tooth Extraction?
What Should I Do After a Tooth Extraction?

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