All-On-4™ Implant Dentures

You’ve probably heard of dental implants before, a more permanent solution to replacing lost or missing teeth, but have you heard of All-On-4™ Implants before? Hundreds of thousands of dental patients around the nation have replaced their entire upper and/or lower arch with the cost-effective, minimally invasive All-On-4™ treatment. Studies of patients who have tried the revolutionary treatment process found that 98% of them would recommend the procedure. They reported improved quality of life, shorter treatment time and even lower cost compared to conventional treatment.

What Are All-On-4™ Implants?

The All-On-4™ Implant process involves using only four implants to secure dentures to the upper or lower arch, replacing all of the teeth at once. Two of the implants are straight anterior implants and the other two are tilted up to 45 degrees to the posterior for a secure hold and avoiding the need for bone grafting, shortening treatment times.

When Are All-On-4™ Implants the Best Option?
How Long Do Implants Last?

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