Do you take your six month check ups and professional cleanings seriously? Not many patients do. But that’s ok because we beehive they simply don’t know why they should. To help with that, we’ve put together a few common questions and their answers below to help you understand just how important those twice yearly checkups and cleanings really are!

Why Do I Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

It may seem like coming in for a routine cleaning and exam twice a year is no big deal. However, did you know that there is plaque build up on every single person’s teeth that can’t be removed without specialized tools and a professional experienced hand? In addition, to helping keep teeth in their best shape by removing built up plaque, regular exams and cleanings also help us keep an eye on things so we can spot any issues before they become serious and can treat them with the minimal amount of treatment needed, saving you time, possible pain and money!

How Often Do I Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

If your teeth are healthy and your overall smile and mouth are in good shape, a dental exam and cleaning is recommended every six months. If you suffer from gum disease, or any other oral health condition, talk to Dr. Warren about how often he recommends you come in to keep an eye on things.

What Happens if I Skip My Cleanings and Exams?

Miss one appointment because life got busy? It happens! But, if you regularly avoid twice a year dental cleanings and exams you could be putting your teeth and mouth at series risk for complications. In fact, you may already have issues brewing and may not even be aware. Regular dental check ups are incredibly important for keeping an eye out for developing problems so we can solve them before they become serious.

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