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Fact or Fiction?


When considering whitening your smile, you have a lot of options! There are hundreds of products available at pharmacies, grocery stores and even the internet to brighten and whiten your teeth. But, what are the best options? Find out why you should call us to talk about tooth whitening and how we can help.

Buyer Beware. As we said, there's a large number of whitening products on the market - but not all of them work the same or are even safe to use. Trying to decide which products are effective and safe for your mouth can be overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind during your search:

Results Aren't Permanent. You may love your smile immediately after whitening and want to keep it looking white and bright forever, but we hate to tell you, that's not going to be the case. Your teeth will become stained from coffee, wine and other beverages over time. So, whatever you choose to use will require touchups over time.

Not All Products Are the Same. No, all teeth whitening products are not created equal. Things you buy over the counter may work for a while, but they will not be as beneficial as whitening in a dental office. Products you purchase online may even contain more whitening agent than recommended, leaving you at risk of pain and enamel damage.

Sensitive Teeth Can Undergo Whitening. This is not true, either. If you have sensitive teeth, you can still whiten but will need to use a treatment formulated with lower levels of bleaching agents. Talk to us to find out what options are available to you before you try anything else - or you may end up with super-sensitive teeth unintentionally!

Whitening Won't Make Everything Even. Again, this is a myth. While tooth enamel will whiten evenly, restorations will not. So, if you have crowns, fillings, dentures or other restorations, you will have an uneven result.

Charcoal and Baking Soda Work ... Kind of. While these substances can whiten your teeth by erasing surface stains, they won't eliminate deeper stains. They are also both very abrasive and can damage your tooth enamel. Also, because charcoal binds to any medications and supplements you take, using it to brush your teeth can cause serious risks to your health.

We want you to love your smile, so we are here to help! Learn about teeth whitening options available from Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman today by calling 623-748-5162 now!

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