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Don't Delay, Call a Dentist Today


Does it hurt to chew? Are your teeth sensitive? Struggling with persistent bad breath? Are your gums bleeding when you brush? Nagging tooth pain of a cavity you know you have but haven't made time to make an appointment? If you have these conditions or any other oral health issues, drop what you're doing and pick up the phone to schedule your visit today. These conditions will not go away by themselves, and in many cases will get worse over time.

Oral Health Issues Requiring Immediate Attention

You Are In Pain. While many things can cause tooth pain, they all mean you need to see a dentist. You may be experiencing pain as a result of a cavity, tooth sensitivity, an abscess or injury. You may also have gum disease or a gum infection causing your discomfort. Do not ignore tooth pain; make an appointment today.

Your Teeth Are Sensitive. Does it hurt when you drink hot coffee or tea? Do you get "water with no ice" when you go out to eat? Avoiding your favorite ice cream because it makes your teeth hurt? If so, it sounds like you have a case of tooth sensitivity. While you may be tempted to reach for an over-the-counter toothpaste to relieve your pain, your first visit needs to be to our office to find the reason for sensitive teeth. Some causes of sensitive teeth include tooth decay and enamel loss, gum disease, injury or an exposed tooth root. We may also be able to provide you with tooth care products that can help reduce pain and sensitivity.

You Have Damage. Have you sustained an injury to a tooth and have a chip, fracture or crack? If you have, you need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Your damaged tooth may be able to be saved, and if it is unsavable, Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman offer a range of aesthetic options to replace that tooth, including implants and bridges.

Your Mouth Is Dry. Do you suffer from chronic dry mouth no matter how much you drink or rinse? You may have an underlying health condition that needs attention. Schedule an appointment today for a checkup and talk to Dr. Warren or Dr. Hagerman about your concerns.

You Have Chronic Bad Breath. Bad breath that won't do away with brushing, mints, rinses or gum can indicate you have tooth decay or gum disease. Talk to your dentist about your concerns and experience with this condition to receive treatment for bad breath.

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