Chew on This

​ Chewing gum is frequently considered a negative behavior, as a bad habit and as something generally bad for your teeth. But, is chewing gum honestly all that bad for you? As it turns out, it's not that bad for you after all. In fact, there are times when Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman say chewing gum is a good idea. A Brief History of Chewing Gum Ch...
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Fact or Fiction?

​ When considering whitening your smile, you have a lot of options! There are hundreds of products available at pharmacies, grocery stores and even the internet to brighten and whiten your teeth. But, what are the best options? Find out why you should call us to talk about tooth whitening and how we can help. Buyer Beware. As we said, there's a lar...
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Check In and Check Up

​ Going to the dentist is not just about getting your teeth cleaned and having twice-a-year fluoride treatment. While these two things are essential parts of your dental visit, other important things are happening while you're in the chair, too. Learn the ins and outs of the dental exam and why making - and keeping - your dental appointment is so n...
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So Fresh and So Clean?

​ After you brush your teeth, do you notice that your mouth feels dry or sticky? It's not you; it's your toothpaste! Toothpastes can be a little harsh, leaving your mouth feeling parched and even a little bitter or sour. Why does this happen? We can explain. All About the Astringent The reason your mouth feels arid after brushing is astringent. Man...
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Show Some Love

Valentine's Day is a great time to show your love for someone special (and your favorite dentists, too!). But, while you're thinking about flowers, dinner and chocolates for someone else, you should also think about showing someone else a little love, too. No, we're not talking about Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman - although we do love treats (hint, h...
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Beard Bacteria: Fact or Fiction?

We're sure you've seen those stories floating around the internet or social media claiming beards are full of bacteria and other unsavory germs. But, is it true? And, if it is true, can having a beard contribute to poor oral health? Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman help to uncover the truth about beards, bacteria and how to have a healthy mouth. Are Bea...
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An Uncomfortable Situation

Dry mouth affects everyone at some point, and most of the time it is caused by just not drinking enough water. But, many people are living with chronic dry mouth that is uncomfortable, painful and frustrating. In addition to the discomfort it causes, dry mouth can also be bad for your mouth and contribute to tooth decay and gum disease if left untr...
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Millennial Mouths

Are millennials at risk for gingivitis? The American Dental Association says yes. Twenty percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 are living with an unhealthy mouth. Many of these millennials report that their poor dental health has negatively affected their quality of life, including how they feel about their social life and interviewi...
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Fruit or Fail?

How often have you heard about eating a healthy diet? You know, one rich in lean meats and vegetables? What about fruit? Of course, fruit is often considered an essential part of a healthy diet, but some fruit, while good for your body, can be bad for your teeth. Knowing which kinds of fruit are good for your teeth and which fruits to avoid can hel...
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Flossing for Four Hundred, Alex

So, we love to hear about new, cutting-edge technologies and discoveries in the dental world. We also love to learn about the history of all things dental. Why? Because dentistry has come a long way over the last 6,500 years! That's right - we said 6,500 years. The earliest evidence of dentistry ever found was a 6,500-year-old tooth filled with bee...
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Losing Teeth Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Has your child lost a tooth? Were they afraid or excited when that wiggly tooth finally came out? A new study from the University of Zurich shows that the majority of children have positive feelings and are proud to lose their very first tooth. The study also reveals that these feelings are directly related to previous visits to the dentist. How el...
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Aging Is More Than Just a Number

Getting older can mean a lot of great things: retirement, time for hobbies, travel and grandkids. It can also mean a lot of not-so-great changes, too — things such as changes in health, gray hair, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Getting older can also cause changes in your oral health. Here are some of the most common changes to oral health caus...
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Researchers Hope to Reduce Oral Cancer

Dentistry researchers at the University of Kentucky recently received a $1 million grant from the United Health Foundation to fund a research project focused on the eradication of oral cancer in the eastern part of the state. The goal of the three-year project is to raise awareness of the symptoms of oral cancer and its connection to tobacco and al...
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The Connection Between Mouth and Body

Did you know that when your mouth is not healthy, your body may also be unhealthy? It's true. There is a link between oral health and overall health known as the oral-systemic link. In many situations, health issues that present themselves in the body show signs in the mouth. This also works the other way, as many negative health situations and dis...
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How to Handle Teething and Care for Baby Teeth

When you think about your baby hitting developmental milestones, the first things that come to mind are probably things like sitting up, crawling and walking. But, do you think about teething? Getting baby teeth is a major milestone for your baby and for you, too! Although baby teeth eventually will fall out, they play a very important part in your...
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Mind the Gap

Have you lost a tooth recently due to injury or extraction? If so, you may be tempted not to replace it, especially if it is a tooth that is not visible when you smile or talk. As tempting as it might be to skip the sometimes lengthy process (and cost) associated with a tooth implant, there are some negative physical and mental consequences of not ...
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Talking About Tongue Care

When you think of the dentist, you probably think of someone who keeps the teeth healthy. But, did you know that your dentist takes care of your tongue, too? The tongue plays a vital role in your overall oral health, and without a tongue, you would not be able to speak, taste or swallow. Here are some fun facts we have compiled about the tongue and...
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Say No to Smoking and Yes to Good Oral Health

Say No to Smoking and Yes to Good Oral Health
So, you probably already know that smoking causes serious negative consequences for your overall health. However, did you know that smoking can also negatively impact your oral health? Don't think you're off the hook with vaping; it's not safe for you, either. And the risks go beyond oral cancer. Dr. Warren and Dr. Hagerman talk about the consequen...
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Is It Time for a Checkup?

  You probably already know you should visit Dr. Warren or Dr. Hagerman at least twice a year. You also probably know that symptoms such as tooth pain, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity or mouth injury should prompt an appointment, too. But, there are a few other, lesser-known reasons to schedule a visit. 1. You have stopped smoking. If you hav...
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Why Do Mouth Injuries Heal So Fast?

Ever bite your tongue? What about the inside of your cheek? Have a paper cut to your lip? Or have you burned your mouth on scalding soup or suffered any other mouth injury? It's likely you have; mouth injuries are very common. They are also often very uncomfortable for a short while, and then suddenly, they are healed. This is because your mouth he...
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