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From preventative, family care to restorative, cosmetic dental care, our team does it all. Our goal is to help raise children with healthy smiles and restore the smiles of our adult patients who may not have had access to the care they needed and deserved over the years. Our patients can’t believe the boost in confidence they feel when their smile is restored to its youthful glory.

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Latest Blogs

28 March 2019
Cleaning & Prevention
Oral Health
​Have you ever experienced tooth sensitivity or pain on an airplane? While this can be unsettling, it is not uncommon. Many people experience pain in their teeth as the plane takes off and ascends into the air. While the situation is common, that doe...
06 March 2019
Cleaning & Prevention
Oral Health
​Does it hurt to chew? Are your teeth sensitive? Struggling with persistent bad breath? Are your gums bleeding when you brush? Nagging tooth pain of a cavity you know you have but haven't made time to make an appointment? If you have these conditions...
05 March 2019
Cleaning & Prevention
Oral Health
​When it comes to buying toothpaste, you have about a zillion options. Fluoride or no fluoride; with baking soda or without; whitening, sensitive or regular - these are just a few choices you can make, and that does not even take into consideration t...


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